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Riad Africa Honeymoon Marrakech

At Riad Africa we work in partnership with an experienced local henna artist to offer guests the chance to experience henna body art in the comfortable surroundings of Riad Africa. 

Our artists use only the freshest, natural henna powder and hand mixed paste available, along with lemon juice and fragrant aromatherapy grade essential oils. The products used contain NO chemical dyes, preservatives or additives and are generally safe for use during pregnancy and with children. 

Our freehand designs can be easily customised, allowing our artists to create something unique and personalised for everyone. From traditional, to fanciful, to contemporary, our designs at African Henna Art allow you to express yourself.

We can accommodate events ranging from individual private or small group appointments. Pre-booking is essential. Typical prices range from 100 to 600 dirhams and vary depending on the complexity of the design and time taken.

Riad Africa Lounge
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